Thursday, February 15, 2018

Short Update

Wow! A year has gone since the last time I wrote here. Assuming not many people these days use this kind of platform since we have the microblog platforms like Weibo and Twitter. So what do we expect?
So where did I left?

Yes, yes! the Samsung post.

It has been almost a year since I started working as a government servant and I am quite liking my job as though my income is not as much but I think I earn as much as I deserve.

I started to sort out everything - my photography hobby again. I am shifting the whole idea of capturing only landscape to street photography and photojournalism. After all these times, now I've realized how much I love street photography.

Anyhow, my first semester final exams result was released earlier today. Due to some technical issues, my result was put on hold from actually being released, all praises to Allah, I scored all As for my first semester, but there are more semesters to come and not to mention the elevating difficulties as well.

I end this short post with a photo I photographed this morning as soon as I reached my office.

The right moment remains unknown. Only time will tell. One could only strive for it, one could only hope for the best outcome out of it. Regrets, failures are unavoidable feelings. You feel pain, it is okay. It means you are relieving. Youth is the process of us growing maturer. Let all the unknown feelings linger inside you, you do not know what you could gain from these emotions.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

What's Up With Samsung?

I have been using Samsung smartphones for more than five years now and the smartphones I've been using have really pissed me off. I don't know about the latest smartphones released by Samsung but the old ones like S Advance and Ace Plus somehow bring me lots of trouble than good. I know they are really old models but truth is sometimes suck.

My S Advance is just like any other typical S Advance smartphones owned by many. its SIM Card slot and memory card slot are not functioning at all. No SIM Cards could be detected nor any memory cards.

My Ace Plus- I don't know, is nonchargeable. At first, I thought there was a faulty in the power socket or the cable so I even tried to change those. Man, my method wasn't working at all.

Not to name their other models though.

Perhaps it is true as what many people have claimed, Samsung sells their products for their looks not their performances.

(I'm still figuring out what smartphone should I buy now. The brand new Nokia 3,5.6 and 3310 are expected to be released and available in Malaysia's market in June. Can't wait to know what users and experts think of them)

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Banyak Orang Banyak Ragam

This post is gonna be in Malay, fully.
This is purely based on writer's experience.

Aku bersyukur aku berjaya ditempatkan di sebuah universiti awam disaat aku hampir tidak berpeluang langsung untuk melanjutkan pelajaran aku setelah gagal meneruskan pengajian di luar negara pada 2015 lalu. Aku masih ingat lagi, UPU aku tidak diproses kerana aku gagal mengemukakan keputusan MUET aku – aku tidak pernah buat pun sebenarnya sehinggalah pada awal tahun 2017. Disebabkan kegagalan aku dalam permohonan UPU, ada berlaku pertengkaran antara aku dan abah aku. Sedih apabila dipulaukan oleh ibu bapa sendiri.
Sebab itu aku nekad untuk buat sehabis baik sekiranya aku berjaya mendapat tempat untuk sambung pelajaran. Rezeki aku pada tahun 2017 menunjukkan pattern yang baik, gradientnya naik sahaja setakat ini. Malah aku diterima untuk jawatan tetap sebagai pembantu tadbir oleh pihak Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam.
Namun apa yang aku ingin ceritakan disini bukanlah berkisar tentang jawatan tersebut tapi akan ragam orang yang aku temui sepanjang aku bergelar pelajar di IPTA tersebut.
Memang ada benarnya orang kata, bila kau masuk universiti nanti, jangan terkejut dan pandai-pandailah pilih kawan. Nanti ada yang jadi sleeping partner, sleepy partner, leader, keras kepala dan bermacam-macam lagi.
Bagi mereka yang tak kenal aku mungkin tak tahu yang aku seorang yang suka memerhati. Ada sejenis manusia yang suka lupa hutang sendiri dan kawan-kawan. Ada yang jenis hutang orang lain dia akan ingat, tapi bila hutang sendiri, secara automatik dia akan jadi nyanyuk.
Ada yang jenis terlalu friendly. Masalah bila terlalu friendly ini adalah sikap itu akan makan diri sendiri. Friendly itu bagus tapi tidak jika terlampau tambah-tambah lagi bila kita berkomunikasi dengan seseorang yang berlainan jantina. Sikap terlalu friendly ini makan diri sendiri hingga kau akan dicop gatal lagi murah.
Ada sejenis manusia yang suka mencapub (mencari publisiti). Dengan semua orang dia nak tegur, nak beramah mesra. Kalau dalam whatsapp groups¸dialah yang paling banyak bersuara, dialah yang paling melayan.
Ada segolongan lagi yang jenis cepat sentap. Apabila ditegur baik-baik, dia cepat terasa. Apabila giliran dia tegur orang lain, perasaan orang yang ditegur tidak pernah diambil kira. Mulut pedas macam lada.
Ada pula golongan yang happy-go-lucky tapi dalam diri dia hanya dia sahaja yang tahu masalah yang dipikul. Jauh dari family jauh dari mata hati. Dia punya masalah susah untuk orang kesan. Dia biasanya simpan dalam-dalam. Dia mudah tersentuh tapi dia biarkan kerana dia bimbang orang akan hukum dia.
Sejenis yang lain pula aku kira unpredictable. Dia boleh jadi selfish, sleeping partner. Orang seperti ini memang kau kena push baru jalan kerja dia. Orang seperti ini harus sentiasa diingatkan. Dia dalam dunia dia sendiri. Bila kita tegur dia buat muka masam. Kalau datang angina baik dia, dengan penyapu pun dia akan senyum.
Ada sejenis yang aku kenal sangat clingy. Terus terang aku cakap, aku cukup tidak suka pada orang yang clingy. Sekali dua bolehlah lagi tapi kalau sampai aku baru sampai bilik pun kau terus datang nak sembang. Kita tunjuk yang kita tiada mood, tapi dia tidak faham, malah diteruskan juga. Eventually, dia dengan telefon dia, kau tengok dia berhuhu-huhu sahaja.
Ada yang segelintir lain pula, perwatakan dia tak sama dengan apa yang kau lihat dari segi keterampilan dia. Dia mungkin muka kurang manis tapi perangai sangat baik. Masa kali pertama aku kenal, aku ingatkan dia jenis yang tak suka orang lain sebab susah nak nampak dia senyum. Lama-kelamaan, kau tahu apa yang boleh trigger dia untuk jadi sewel, apa yang boleh trigger dia untuk jadi berang.
Aku sentiasa dalam dunia aku sendiri walaupun jasad aku nampak macam aku melayan mereka. Tapi otak aku tak boleh berhenti berfikir akan segala hal. Itu salah satu benda yang aku tak boleh elak. Aku seorang yang melancholy. Mungkin sebab itu selalu sahaja terhasil artistic poem and thoughts on the spot. Entahlah nak.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

She's Not A Loser

It's been forever since the last time she posted something on her blog and the year couldn't have been more hectic that she had to give herself some space - by temporarily stopping herself from doing such things that she used to do back then. The bad news is that her father's getting sicker, day by day.

About two years ago, she, surprisingly not surprisingly, couldn't get herself to enroll or further her study to the next level after her CIE A-Level's result was out due to some conflicts with the sponsor and so forth in which I'm not gonna write about it over here.

So, her parents wanted her to further her degree in management course, instead of engineering which she read while accomplishing her A-Level, in a local PUBLIC university. Unfortunately, not many local universities (private ones are excluded) accept any enrollment using A-Level results and if there are any, the applicants have to directly apply to the universities' dean or higher post. The method(s) of doing so is/are not disclosed to public. Public universities usually reserve a small portion of quota for the first degree enrollment via A-Level qualification. She comes from a mid-income family background, so she, by hook or by crook, had to apply for public universities only instead of private universities which take less time of waiting but cost lots of money.

She decided to apply through the Unit Pengambilan Universiti (UPU) system and had to wait till the next year to do because she didn't expect herself from getting rejected by the sponsor to further her study abroad when the university that she applied for was still offering her the program.

She thought that the UPU system could be her second chance of getting herself into a university but unfortunately, she took some requirement needed lightly - i.e: having seated for MUET prior the application submission date as it is REQUIRED for Malaysian Universities for every local applicant to have their MUET result provided to the system. She thought she could just use her IELTS result instead of the former. Unfortunately for her, her application was rejected by any universities with the same reason, no MUET result is provided.

This situation has brought a drought to her relationship with her parents (her father especially) and they didn't communicate for weeks. To shorten the story, one day, her father asked her if she wanted to join a-week course of film producing and she said yes. That's the only way she figured out on the spot, she could run away from the problem for awhile, from her still-angry father and they did start talking eventually when her father had to pick her up at the course's venue.

Her friend, a junior by a year under the same sponsor as she did, flunked her A-Level as well and their batch was at a better position that her batch was at (the year before) - they still got offered to further their degree/master in their respective programs by the sponsor due to some inner conflicts between the sponsor body itself, y'know, when your kids flunked and they are sponsored by your company and you are the big shot of the company, you've got the power to influence others to give them a second chance (provided with lil' extra requirement(s) as you don't want others to sense any biases there). It really broke her heart to know such thing occurred when she'd been trying so hard to appeal to give the same second chance the year before but wasn't entertained at all.

She, however, tried to be positive, much more positive than she'd ever be. She calmed herself by constantly reminding herself this could be just another test from The Creator and perhaps she'd better not off abroad as she's better off to another path of the road.

The Creator knows the best for us and for her particularly, He sent her some help through her friend by informing her regarding a chance of enrollment to UiTM and the procedures and all. She was so thankful because she could see some little light there and started sorting things out; her feelings and all and the she applied to the university.

Things started to get better for her. She felt one of the reasons of her failure dated two years back must due to her lessening some the religious activities she always did like reciting al-Quran daily, practicing all the sunnah and the list goes on. She only did the compulsory ones and she even liked dunya more than the hereafterr.

She decided to change. Once change, change it for all.

She learnt that she could never take anything for granted and every test or burden is never too much for one to carry because Allah tests us according to our limits. She started to re-practice things and ibadah that can make you to be bestowed upon you sustenance - like reciting surah al-Waqiah and al-Mulk daily, charities, sunat dhuha and even zikr (istighfar and so on).

Things started to change. She secured herself for some jobs interviews and of them resulted her to be reserved as an employee. She also got accepted to be a part of UiTM and enrolled to the university few weeks ago. All is well.

sometimes you have to act deaf for you to succeed, striving for the excellence because you cannot simply mute other people's mouth. Instead of talking back and raise your negativity, it is sometimes better for you to keep some distance from the bad-talkers or just simply act cool in front of them. Show them your positive attitude. Influence them to do the same but NOT influenced by them. When the time has come, the positive ones are always a winner.

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