Friday, June 2, 2017

What's Up With Samsung?

I have been using Samsung smartphones for more than five years now and the smartphones I've been using have really pissed me off. I don't know about the latest smartphones released by Samsung but the old ones like S Advance and Ace Plus somehow bring me lots of trouble than good. I know they are really old models but truth is sometimes suck.

My S Advance is just like any other typical S Advance smartphones owned by many. its SIM Card slot and memory card slot are not functioning at all. No SIM Cards could be detected nor any memory cards.

My Ace Plus- I don't know, is nonchargeable. At first, I thought there was a faulty in the power socket or the cable so I even tried to change those. Man, my method wasn't working at all.

Not to name their other models though.

Perhaps it is true as what many people have claimed, Samsung sells their products for their looks not their performances.

(I'm still figuring out what smartphone should I buy now. The brand new Nokia 3,5.6 and 3310 are expected to be released and available in Malaysia's market in June. Can't wait to know what users and experts think of them)

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